The C.E.C.'s Corner 

As a Cultural Enrichment Consultant, I have attempted to meet the challenges of "Living Culture" head on. I "Refine" culture as everything that a group of people believe and do to sustain a chosen way of life. Once a group of people have reached a consensus on their chosen way of life and have manifested it through practice, it becomes their Philosophy. The Ancient Kemetans (aka Egyptians) gave the world its very first philosophy and called it Ma'at. Since then, many cultures have borrowed, mimicked, and even stolen pieces of Ma'at's tenemants. Nonetheless, it is a philosophy intact and still there for us to continue to learn from. Furthermore, if we are brave enough, as a species, to step into the "Light" and become the "Change" that we claim we wish to see, it may become contagious and actually begin to "Move" us, as a culture, to start "Problem Solving." Ultimately, the key to this change is, obviously, Real and True Communication. I happened to be fortunate enough to find my true purpose at a very young age. Since then, I've searched for the best vehicle to wield and command that purpose through. I have taught in classroom settings, conducted various workshops, and even tutored one on one. Now it is time to elevate my instructional / conversational forum to the next level of exchange... Hence, The "World Wide Web." The C.E.C.'s (Cultural Enrichment Consultant's) Corner will serve as that platform / forum of elevation. I am eagerly anticipating the potential opportunities that a website, coupled with all the technology imaginable at my fingertips, can amass. So... I invite you to take the "Plunge" with me into a journey that just may lead to the road of Truth. Come on... don't be Scared.