Baba Kweku Kemraha, author of the book, Power and Grace... A Love Supreme and the Majesty of Blackness, has spent over 10 years of his life preparing this publication for its release. What he hopes the website will do is offer a platform for honest dialogue and discussion to ensue. Baba Kweku explains, "The wonders of the world wide web can offer us so much potential for exploring knowledge and communication across the globe. Now that I have finally caught up with technology, I'd like to take full advantage of the possibilities which lie therein".  Ayindé Kemraha, who assists his father with original artwork and editing the book project, is also a major technical and creative contributor to the website. Ayindé is also largely responsible for expediting the book project's completion through creative and technical support. Baba Kweku elaborates further, "Power 'n Grace, the website speaks to the accountability of art as it relates to our everyday lives. In other words, Art is Functional, not Static. All aspects of life on the Planet Earth are filtered through expression, which is mostly captured in our imaginations, and then on a desired canvas (i.e., video, audio, book, painting, paper, etc.) Our website has been inspired by the book project and hopefully will extend and transcend most of the concepts within the publication through image, sound and word. Ultimately, our wish for the website is that of total Transcendence. We hope that when people visit the Power and Grace website that they are taken on a journey that allows them to have a full mind, body and spirit adventure. Furthermore, we hope that a platform of honest discussion will ensue and elevate the conversation to the next level... where Ma'at is Actualized and Celebrated, not just Theorized and Danced Around. I was told once by a very wise soul that in most cases, the actual Truth is usually very simple. Let's be Truth Seekers in our various pursuits of knowledge. We've all heard the phrase Knowledge is Power... Well, I contend that The correct information is absolute power".

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